Ayurvedic Therapists

The therapists at the Ayurveda Health Home are trained, guided, evaluated, and monitored by the chief therapist, Badri Koirala, to provide the best therapeutic result for our guests. Badri and Marlies Förster work together to bring a high degree of professional excellence to all therapies. Our therapists are highly skilled, and they are empathetic, admirable young men and women. With their sincere charm, honesty, aptitude and professional ability, they bring a charming and magical quality to our health centre.

Badri, Dr. Rishi, and Marlies Förster, along with four Ayurvedic Physicians working in our centers, train all our therapists. This is our unique level of commitment to develop the highest standard of Ayurvedic treatment in Nepal. The methods of therapy are adaptable to each guest and are consciously applied, for the most therapeutic benefit on an individual basis. All of our therapists are involved in a continual process of education, to refine and deepen their skills in applying the Ayurvedic therapies.

We are very proud of the skills and commitment to excellence of our therapists and they are one of the very attractive features of our clinics. Our guests commonly remark that they have not had such quality therapists in other Ayurvedic clinics or even at luxury spas.