Consultation And Counselling Services

Short Consultation [A]
If you are suffering from health problems such as common cold, cough, diarrhoea, fever, indigestion and other short term sickness, you can sit for a short consultation. Depending on the sickness, Ayurveda or herbal prescriptions are prescribed by the qualified doctor.

Duration: 15 Minutes


Consultation & Life Style Management [B]
If you are seeking for an Ayurveda consultation and counselling to know the status of your health, you are welcome in this centre. The consultation & counselling procedure includes reviewing of your health related history and few examinations by the doctor. Detail study will be done on your past and present, relationships, routine activities, profession, food & diet and health status. Counselling and medical advice is prepared and handed to you as per requirement of your health.

• People who wish to have knowledge of Ayurveda to manage themselves in short sitting.
• People who are having sub acute and prolonged illness.

Duration: 45 Minutes


Regular Consultation and Counselling [C]
Target people:
• People who wish to manage their life with an understanding of natural Ayurvedic practices and principles
• People who are having some sickness or medical problem and seeking for natural and holistic approach of diagnosis and management.

The knowledge of Ayurveda gained in this Regular Consultation & Counselling is the most classical and consciousness based knowledge. Each individual has his or her own potential source of healing and this need to be discovered through understanding your typical nature. This is referred to as Prakriti (psychological and somatic constitution) study. This Regular Consultation and Counselling focuses on the Prakriti study in conjunction with thorough examination and consideration of your life with respect to the events that have shaped their past. The Regular Consultation & Counselling will examine the subtle emotions or traumas experienced by you which may be latent and affecting our functioning at the microbiological level. This Consultation and counselling will concentrate totally on a holistic approach. The examination will diagnose the state of doshas, dhatus, agnis, malas, and senses, along with your emotional, mental and spiritual level. Firstly, a detailed Performa will be given followed by the consultation. After the consultation, the Ayurvedic counselling guidelines that apply to your constitution will be prepared. These guidelines will focus on health and disease management with Ayurvedic principles, herbs and other daily routines (food, music and sleep) knowledge. It will furthermore concentrate on the behavioural, sensorial, psycho-emotional, and spiritual dimensions of holistic health. Dr. Rishi Ram Koirala M.D. (Ay), a highly specialized and experienced physician who was raised in a family with many generations of traditional healers, will conduct this program.
Our Aim:
• The detailed study and guidelines will enable individuals to manage health in the present and the future.
• Help to diagnose & manage the disease through holistic approach.
• Provides an understanding on how to lead a harmonious lifestyle.

Gain knowledge and understanding in Ayurvedic guidelines and progress on disease curing.

Duration: 90-120 minutes