Badri Koirala is our chief therapist who trains, guides, evaluates, and monitors all therapists to ensure maximum benefits for our quests. The therapists are also trained by Dr. Rishi. Badri and Marlies work together to bring an excellent quality standard to all our therapies. The therapists working under Badri and Marlies are carefully trained and highly skilled. Therapists are selected for an empathetic and caring nature and all are admirable young men and women. With their sincere charm, honesty, aptitude and professional ability, they lend a delightful and warm, human touch to our health centres.

The thoroughness and level of training of our therapists is unique in Nepal. The methods of therapy are carefully adapted to the specific needs of our guests and this highly personalized approach is also quite unique. All our therapists are re-evaluated annually and constantly continue their education to refine and deepen their skills. Many of our therapists have been working with the Ayurveda Health Home for more than a decade and all have developed a remarkable level of skill and expertise in all the Ayurveda therapies.

Therapists in AHH
Tara Devi Mahato
Ramita Bajracharya
Mina K.Yogi Tharu
Manamaya Tamang
Muna Mahato
Bhumi Thanet
Dan Bahadur Mahato
Indira Chaudhary
Puja Mahato
Huma Chaudhary
Purna Chaudhary
Amir Chaudhary
Muskan Yogi Tharu
Sarita Titung Lama
Parbati Subedi
Som Narayan Mahato
Kishen Thanet
Ganga Chaudhary
Dev Chaudhary
Mani Thanet
Prakash Chaudhary
Rima Panjiyar
Chanda Mahato
Khem Narayan Mahato
Yam Narayan Mahato