Our group of Ayurvedic Physicians are highly specialized, University Graduates and Postgraduates. Our Medical staff has also undergone extensive training with Dr. Rishi Ram Koirala (MD Ayurveda) for practical clinical experience. The Ayurveda Medical Doctors Group offers holistic health care, focusing on the person as a whole, and is able to address different dimensions of health, through physical, sensorial, mental-emotional, and spiritual perspectives.

Ayurvedic treatments are not limited simply to symptomatic relief but address the underlying imbalances and other root causes of illness. This caring, individualized approach works to develop a personalized program that will set you on a course to health and wellbeing.

The Ayurveda Health Home offers:
• Treatments from highly qualified and skilled Ayurveda Medical Doctors (Dr. R.R. Koirala & his medical team),
• An international venue, where guests from more than 110 countries have come for help and healing,
• A personalized regimen for optimal health from doctors who listen and care for your well being,
• An opportunity to learn natural methods to improve your health and energy and help you cope with physical illness, emotional pain or chronic stress,
• Methods to nurture your current state of health and balance in life.

Doctors in AHH
Dr. Rishi Ram Koirala
Dr. Rumee Tandukar
Dr. Saru Maharjan
Dr. Kristina Singtan
Dr. Samichha Neupane