Dr. Rishi Ram Koirala

Dr. Rishi Ram Koirala is an M.D. Ayurveda physician and is Medical Director at the Ayurveda Health Home (AHH). He has more than 3 decades of professional experience as a practicing Ayurvedic physician following 12 years of university study in Ayurveda and Medicinal plants. Dr. Rishi has successfully treated a very large number of people in Nepal and abroad and has a devoted following amongst those interested in Ayurvedic Medicine. Dr. Rishi is also a spiritual healer with deep roots in Nepali traditional medicine which he inherited from his healer-family. 
Dr. Rishi has specialized in Panca Karma therapy management and is a skilled diagnostician providing in-depth health consultations, according to the principles of Ayurveda. Dr. Rishi was an Executive Board Member of the Nepal Health Research Council and a member of the High Level Health Policy Advisor Committee of the Ministry of Health, Government of Nepal. 
In addition, Dr. Rishi is widely consulted as a resource person for many institutions, both public and private, in Nepal and abroad which makes him stand as a backbone of the Health Home foundation.

Badri Koirala

Badri Koirala is the Managing Director of the Health Home. He has overseen the operation of the company since 1986 i.e. even before the centre was named Ayurveda Health Home.
Along with being Managing Director, he is also the Chief Therapist. He received his training and Ayurveda foundation from his brother Dr. Rishi Ram Koirala. With an extensive knowledge of Ayurveda and classical Ayurvedic therapies, Badri provides instruction and training in the Panca Karma therapies and also foundational courses in yoga. With an attention to detail and a caring heart, Badri oversees and maintains the quality control of all the therapies.

Marlies Foerster

Marlies Foerster, a German National, is a Board Member and a founder of AHH. She has provided training and professional guidance for developing organizational systems, quality- control and staff-management. Marlies has actively promoted the Ayurveda Health Home in Nepal and Europe for many years. 
With a background in professional health care since 1962, she worked as the Head of Nursing at a large hospital in Dusseldorf Germany. She managed the continuing education programs for health care professionals and worked for many years as Chairperson of the Federal Working Party of Head Nurses. 
Since August 2000 Marlies has been living in Nepal, working with Dr. Rishi and Badri Koirala to establish the Ayurveda Health Home, the pioneer and first professional Panca Karma Centre in Nepal and has helped to bridge the traditional culture of Nepal with the European and foreign guests.