Individual Treatment


Yoga is a process which leads to tranquility by teaching a skilful management of the self, enriching life and enhancing deeper growth by increasing awareness. It also cultivates a slow, gentle, positive attitude, together with self-respect, and develops a strong body-mind system. The practice of yoga can be fitted into the daily routine of life and will bring joy and relaxation.


• The desire to develop awareness and cultivate the body, senses, mind and inner consciousness
• Those who like to find suitable courses for themselves
• Desire to develop good foundation
• Have stiff joints, rigidity, circulation or lymphatic blocks, fluid accumulations and stressed body parts
• Emotional or mental distress
• Desire to enhance potential inner healing source in order to manage health problems


We provide following courses of yoga training:-

The subtle, smooth and conscious movement of joints and the whole body along with breathing pranayamas & yoga nidra (wakeful yogic sleep).
Duration: 60 minutes each day for 3-4 days for each course

Prana is a subtle energy which is constantly flowing, enriching and maintaining life. Increasing the power of Prana is known as Pranayama. It is cleansing and healing for many disorders. It releases and opens energy or memory blocks, harmonizing the flow of pranic energy, improving overall health. These breathing practices are very important in life and very easy to include in our daily routine.

 Duration: 60 minutes. Best, if done for 3 days.

It is a process which leads from effort to effortlessness, from constant thought to immense silence, from speed to the spontaneous cessation of speed. This is a state of being of self, known as “completeness”.

Duration: 60 minutes best to go for 3 days

Yoga practices are good for healing and have therapeutic benefits. We design therapeutic yoga practice tools based on your health status.

Duration: 60 minutes best to go for 3-5 days