Our Assurance Of Quality

Our centre is run by highly qualified, experienced and internationally renowned Ayurveda physicians (M.D. Ay.), Graduate Ayurveda Doctors, highly trained Ayurveda therapists and High Quality managers. This is the only Pancakarma healing centre in Nepal with all specialties and amenities.

Our promise of quality services:
• We follow ancient authentic guidelines of Ayurveda with modern insights by high quality parameters and training rules
• Competent, experienced and highly qualified team of Ayurveda Physicians
• Well trained, qualified and experienced therapists based on Ayurveda principles
• Treatment design, follow ups, daily monitoring and results assessment
• Following high quality hygienic standards
• Warm hospitality, and Love full environment for the guests
• Delicious Ayurveda vegetarian diet recipes, experienced cook team and preparing with love and respecting individual’s need
• Daily routine guidance, life style teaching and classes on basic concept of Ayurveda