10 Days Panca karma

Whole life system is in constant interaction with external and internal environment in this rhythmic dynamic nature. Each and every impulse is producing biochemical events into the system. So, each of us has biological clock or time biology which regulates our whole dynamic system. During this process the mind-body physiology has to function, repair, rejuvenate and eliminate (digestive or metabolic wastages or toxins) from the body, to maintain harmony and health. The subtle wisdom or intelligence is maintaining these complexities every time. But we are severely pushed into this challenges, opportunity and threat environment every moment and are always prone to overshadowed the functional rhythm of life and we may loss its balance on micro-level (We have inner healing capacity to restore balance) and if ignored then it hampers harmony and subtle or gross syndrome may manifest. In this program 3 out of 5 karmas are focused.

So this short but specialized 10 days Ayurveda Allied Pancakarma is designed with therapies like colon irrigation (Sodhana Basti) for subtle cleansing of colon, eliminate mal digested toxins, and harbouring nourishing environment to the colon and very subtle cleansing and rejuvenating therapies for fatigued Eyes (Netra Tarpana) along with synergising therapies like Ubatana, Pinda Sveda, and Steam baths for stimulating, exfoliating (dead cells), revitalizing of skin, muscles and circulating systems. Shirodhara, Cakra basti, Sirobasti and Tail dhara for transcending body-mind system by achieving deep relaxation. Yoga, Pranayama and Meditation are for preparation of the culturing of the total awareness and personal guidelines are also included in the program.

 Note* For best results we recommend staying at our Happy Home.