21 Days Panca karma

For those who cannot manage for the full 28 days Classical Panca Karma Program we have a number of treatment options available. We can offer Panca Karma programs for reduced amounts of time, according to the needs and time availability of our guests. The full 28-day Classical Panca Karma Program is the ideal that allows enough time, to go deeply into each of the five areas of purification (the ‘karmas’). When sufficient time is not available for this program we can modify and reduce the treatment schedule to fit into, 21, 14, 10 and 7-day program schedules.

We suggest as a general rule that the longer programs are more ideal as the time spent allows for more treatments and their cumulative benefit. However it may also be the case that the Ayurvedic Doctors will on occasion, recommend the shorter treatment schedules for reasons specific to the individual. In all cases, the treatment schedules are complete and holistic in relation to the time available for the guest. We also suggest that all these programs be taken in residence at our clinics so that the settled atmosphere of the clinic and the ideal diet to compliment the treatments will be available, for the best experience of Pancha Karma.

Whatever the length of your treatment schedule, there will be certain features in common. In all cases, the treatments will provide deep rest and rejuvenation to the all the bodily systems. Although the shorter treatment schedules do not allow for all the 5 main ‘karmas’ or purification procedures of Panca Karma to be utilized due to time constraints, still a tremendous value is had, none the less. These shorter treatment schedules are also ideal for addressing seasonal health concerns and maintaining seasonal balance in the physiology.

These programs are ideal for: seasonal adaption to climate and environmental stress, and people who are in transitional stages of life as well as general purification and rejuvenation.

General Information (21 Days):
In the 21-day Panca Karma Program we offer 4 out of the 5 main Panca Karma procedures (Pradhana Karma). After consultation with the Ayurvedic Doctor it will be decided either to include Vamana Karma or Virecena Karma in this 21 day program. This Ayurveda classical Panca Karma treatment is the best option for those who only have 21 days time but would like to get the maximum cleansing and rejuvenation benefits through Panca Karma. It is suitable for people who would like to emphasize physical and sensory experiences and give their mind a rest. They can take advantage of the wide range of available Ayurvedic oil massages, numerous forms of treatment and consultations with Ayurveda doctor.

*Note: For best results, we strongly encourage you to stay in residence at one of our clinics, during your Panca Karma time. The restful and healing atmosphere of the clinics and the specially prepared Ayurvedic food will enable you to get maximum benefit from your programs.