7 Days Panca karma

Target people
  •      People who are having only a week long time and willing to have one  Pancakarma Therapy
  •      People who like to smooth and gentle cleansing of Pitta system like liver, pancreas, gall bladder and intestines
  •      Desire to early and subtle detoxifying and restoring of balance system

       Our system gets stuck when it has to digest different types of irregular or stressed food which are difficult to digest or need prolong digestion and metabolize hours and also with the routine and extra burden of work. These produces micro level biochemical stressors and affect subtly our intestines, liver and other digestive and metabolic systems. So, if such situation remains for some time it hampers the psycho-physiology and quality of performance and in long run may manifest subtle or gross syndromes. So this week long specialized 7 days Ayurveda Allied Pancakarma is designed with therapies like taking of herbalized snehana (oily preparation with herbs) and Virecena (therapeutic purgation- cleanses Pitta systems like intestines, liver, gall bladder, pancreas and other) Eyes (Netra Tarpana) along with synergising therapies like Ubatana, Pinda Sveda, different types of massages and Steam baths for stimulating, exfoliating (dead cells), revitalizing of skin, muscles and circulating systems, and Shirod       hara, Cakra basti, for transcending body-mind system by achieving deep relaxation, Yoga, Pranayama and meditation are for preparation of the culturing of the total awareness and designing personal guidelines.

Our Aim

  •     To cleanse intestines, liver, gall bladder, pancreas and Pitta system
  •     Detoxify Ama toxins smoothly and stimulate and enhance the natural rejuvenation process of Dhatus (tissues)
  •     Subtle cleansing and nourishing of eyes
  •     To achieve harmony and balance.
  •     To help to culture deeper insight
  •     Better functioning intestines and metabolism good digestion.
  •     Reduces restless and gives feeling of lightness, relaxation, and improves systemic balance.
  •     Better functioning of whole system
  •     Harmonizes daily routine practice
We would suggest you to stay in our Happy Home-Guest house during this programme.