Personalized Programs

Personalized Ayurvedic Health Care is the specialty of our health management program and is the main feature of our clinics. Ayurveda conceptualizes the person as an individual, complete entity and also a unit of the universe. We follow this theme and design the individual health programs after consulting with each guest about their individual situation and the condition of their health.
Before giving therapies it is always essential to evaluate the individual’s health status and determine which therapies are suited for any particular requirements. As an example, someone may have joint pain or headache, digestion difficulty, eye problems, constipation problem or any of a myriad of physical complaints. As well, we deal with situations arising from mental stress or emotional and energy blockage problems. Some therapies are more suitable than others for these individual considerations. Considering all these fundamental issues, we design the individual treatment plan that will be most suitable for particular person. In this regard, we give due consideration to your input and concerns and design your treatment plan accordingly.
All of our treatment modalities are useful for relaxation and rejuvenation as well as addressing particular health concerns or conditions. Our ‘Classical Panca Karma’ program is extremely effective in promoting the over all good health, rejuvenating the nervous system and providing deep relaxation.