Special Treatments Program

3 Days Neti Programme

Breathing+Neti+Pot+30gm herbs

30 Mins

Prana refers to the subtle energy which sustains our life. This energy circulates throughout the whole body and plays a major role in balancing our physical, sensorial, mental and spiritual harmony. The act of breathing is a process of communication by giving and receiving from the universe. Many of us suffer from subtle problems such as common colds, sneezing and nasal allergies or sinusitis which causes disruption in the connection with the universe. Furthermore, we may suffer from more severe symptoms such as headaches, migraines and nasal blockages, which lead to further imbalances. This package has been designed to utilize Ayurveda therapies to treat conditions ranging from Prattisyanya to Pinas (simple cold to nasal allergy/ sinusitis). During this therapy a person will learn various techniques and practices that will provide the knowledge and ability to continue self -management procedures for the future.


  •   Different types of Nasal allergies, cold, sneeze, blockage, sinusitis, and headache,
  • For healthy nasal breathing


3 days Therapeutic Part Treatment Packages

Therapeutic part Abhayanga



45 min.

Pain itself is considered a synonym of disease. Our bodies are subject to varying intensities and severities of pain. Moreover, joint pain can be so intense that it restricts what we are able to do and inhibits our body's natural movement. Agonizing pain has the potential to reduce our productivity and quality of life. Often following an incidence of pain in our body, the pain will resolve itself the following day and we consider ourselves lucky. The short term solution is to attempt to reduce our pain, whatever the possible means. We try various alternative medicines, doctors and therapies; however it becomes difficult to determine exactly what it is that alleviates our pain. We may feel some relief, but pain continues to persist. For this reason, the Ayurveda Health Home has devised the best possible alternative to help those who cannot visit the centre for a long time. In this program it is necessary for both the patient and their caretaker to be present at the centre so that demonstration and teaching can be done. The caretaker will be able to continue giving guided treatments enabling the patient to progress. 


  • Joint pain, swelling, deformity and stiffness
  • Osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis
  • Gouty arthritis
  • Capsulitis, synovitis, tendonitis, etc.

Duration : 45 Minutes

This program is to give basic training to the caretaker.*

Fistula & Peri-anal Sinus

Peri-anal sinus and Fistula-in-ano are named as Snayuka vrna and Gudabhagandar in Ayurveda respectively. These are not common problems, but those who suffer from this disease have real chronic discomfort and pain. This is a condition where a hard tract forms inside or around anal area and it discharges pus from time to time. While it is not a severe disease, it is chronic & recurrences cause the tract to go deeper and deeper or multiply. It is easily curable in the early stages however it not being in the easily visible part of the body sometimes makes it go unnoticed. Delay causes the tract to go even deeper and become a chronic condition.

Ayurveda treatment is very successful and effective in this disease. There is hardly any relapse and need of hospitalization. The method of Ayurveda treatment is known as Kharasutra Karma. A medicated thread, soaked in a herbal formulation, is inserted inside the canalized tract and slowly the thread starts to cut and heal the tract. This cutting and healing process takes time and depends upon the individual’s healing strength and the size of the tract. This process needs follow ups and is healed completely in the due course of time. So, if you are seeking a solution for this problem, please visit our centre which specializes in Kshara sutra treatment.


  • Anal fistula
  •  Peri- anal sinus

Days for consultation

  • Monday and Thursday morning 8-9.30 AM
  • First come, first serve basis

Additional Information

  • Bring all previous related health reports
  • Eat very lightly before your visit