Marian  ( Holland )

2015 Mar 31

After a 10 days treatment I feel like re-born, it was a very long time ago that I felt so much harmony and happiness. The treatments were wonderfull and everyone was so looking well after me that I am still very touched. It was a home away from home and I would like to thank you for all your hospitality, kindness, loving and caring. I wish you all the best, good health and a life full of happiness. Lots of love Marian

David  ( Norway )

2015 Apr 19

Thank you all at AHH, I am lost for words in describing the love and care I received from you in consultations and massage treatment during my stay in Nepal. David

India  ( Canada )

2015 Apr 19

Discovering the Pokhara Centre was a blessing. While staying in Nepal, I had become ill and had been through a trauma. With great skill and compassion, Marlies (Didi) and the staff assisted me to renew my body and soul. I will always be grateful to them and hope that I may return someday.

Pia  ( Switzerland )

2015 Apr 19

After a very stressful time I came to Nepal to the Ayurveda Health Home in Kathmandu. It was a really great but also hard time there (4 weeks). ... The whole team was/is wonderful, hearty and more - just unforgettable! Thank you so much! Love you all and hope to see you soon

Regina  ( Germany )

2015 Apr 19

Thank you so much for 7 joyful, cleaning, relaxing and caring days. I would not like to miss these days - except of the ghee :).

Christof  ( Switzerland )

2015 Apr 19

I'm feeling deep loved, blessed and very happy after staying 4 days with you. Thank you so much for your great work for healing, love and peace. You are doing a great wonderful job here on earth. I feeling deeply grounded and fly so happy with a warm heart back to switzerland to share my experiences. With all my love God bless you Christof

Celia and Erika  ( USA )

2016 Feb 03

The service was amazing. The massages we received were incredible, made us feel like new. The professionalism of the staff and their hospitality made us feel comfortable and welcomed. We will be back and we will recommend this place to our friends and family.

Mami Takosako  ( Japan )

2016 Feb 03

It was fabulous time taking abhyanga. I feel totally refreshed! I hope to come here in the future. It was amazing during my short trip in Kathmandu.

Daniela and Eva  ( Germany )

2016 Feb 03

Thank you for your wonderful and loving care during our stay here in this happy home. Thank you for all you did for us beginning with cooking, cleaning, massage and all the support you gave to us.

Samara  ( USA )

2016 Feb 03

It was a true gift to be here. I came to you so broken but now I feel restored to my divine wholeness. What a blessing Dr. Rishi is to have. Indeed! I feel renewed.

Giussepina  ( Switzerland )

2016 Feb 03

After one month of Pancha karma treatment, I am "lost in translation". I am searching for the right and appropriate words to express my estimation of/ to all AHH members. All of you offered me wisdom (especially Dr. Rishi), love, warm hugs, healing hands, healthy food and a cozy home. In return I offered you my body, my trust and believe in the whole team and my will to learn and enjoy. Thank you for this unforgettable encounters.

Justin  ( Switzerland )

2016 Feb 03

Coming back at AHH is coming back home, to recieve from the staff everyday love and happiness is the gift. Many, many thanks to each and everyone from AHH- won't forget you!

Izumi  ( Japan )

2016 Feb 03

It was great stay for 1 week from Japan. I'm totally relaxed and enjoyed therapy. I hope I can come back.

Christine  ( Switzerland )

2016 Feb 03

Thank you for the fantastic treatments/ your care. I feel fantastic. You are a wonderful team.

Anna  ( USA )

2016 Feb 03

Such little words to express the deepest gratitude. Thankfulness for taking such good care of me again, for showing such love and compassion, for hugging me when emotions welled up, for listening and hearing, for wisdom, for superb care and treatment by all of you- doctors, therapists, office staff, home ladies and the amazing cook, (who creates the most delicious food, even on diet days!) and all those who work behind the scenes.... I take away with me a deep, quiet and peace and memory of all your beautiful smiles and a strong desire to be back again soon!

Momoko  ( Japan )

2016 Feb 03

It was wonderful staying, from 5th day I felt all my body changed a lot. Now, I don't have any stress. It's thanks to all the hospitality of this clinic. I could trust all the staffs in this clinic. So I really relaxed and the treatments were perfect, foods were so nice. Thank you so much for everything.

Helene  ( France )

2016 Feb 04

One, two and now three times I live with you in AHH and it is very difficult to go away. You will be in my heart, prayers and thoughts everyday and it is not necessary I add anything. You save my life and my mind. Thanks to the staff always smiling and ready to help. Thanks to the doctors, thanks to my four French students and thanks to Dr. Rishi, his marvellous wife. They are "my" family now.

Rajan  ( Germany )

2016 Apr 29

You wonderful team of Health Home. Danyavad for all the very nice days together with you. I'm sad that I have to leave but I'll come back. Keep your smile and enjoy your life.

From heart,


Zahida  ( Algeria )

2016 Apr 29

It's my second time here, everytime is the best for me. I love everything; care, staff, doctors, food and treatments.

So I charge my soul and body with good energy and love. Thank You!


Michael  ( Canada )

2016 Apr 29

I want to thank you from bottom of my heart to all you guys for the lovely carings and treatments.
During the 2 weeks of panca karma I'm not only getting healthier for my physical body but also my mind and heart. Dr. Rishi you are the best doctor I've ever met and also a great human being! My stay in here feels like home!
Thank you so much for the wisdom of ayurveda and love abd compassion will also long live in me.


Kristine  ( Denmark )

2016 Apr 29

With love and gratitude, "Namaste"
Thank you all for such a special stay, so beautifully cared for in a most nourishing ambience. Om.
I will return.

C├Ęcile  ( France )

2016 Apr 29

I am Home! So pleased by your warm welcome-
I'm so moved by the dedicated attentive care you gave to me. The whole team is so professional and full of kindness. Girls have fairy hands! my body thanks.
I appreciate so much your Nepali smile, it's a pleasure to live here.
All my love to you all,

Dr. Rolf  ( Germany )

2016 Apr 29

I'm leaving after 3 weeks and 3 days. It was a very good time for my body and soul. From my very heart I'm thankful to Dr. Rishi and his marvelous team. There were so many intensive therapies given professionaly and full of attention.
Let me mention the delicious vegan meals friendly served.
One day I will come back, perhaps in the new place you are building this year.
Thank you and with all my love,
Dr. Rolf

Tina  ( Germany )

2016 Apr 29

Dear Ayurveda Health Home Team
Thank you very much for looking after me that well. I feel like "newborn" specially after the oil bath.
I'll keep this as a very warming, nice remembering and life experience. You are really making a great difference to everyone who is treated by you.
Take care and lots of love & Dhanyabaad. Tina

Jacqueline  ( Canada )

2016 Apr 29


Love Gratitude. Thank you for good care and kindness.


Maria  ( Austria )

2016 May 05

Dear AHH Team, Thank you so much for your kindness, for the therapies and the good food. I hope to see you again.

Nataly  ( Cyprus )

2016 Jul 15

To the lovely AHH family! I would like to thank you for all you have done to me. As I said to you, Today I was reborn. A special thanks to Dr. Rishi and to lovely Dr. Saru!! Also many cute thanks to all the cute massages. Your one and only guest from Cyprus.

Isha  ( Nepal )

2016 Jul 27

Everyone at AHH, You guys are all so wonderful and doing an amazing job of taking care of everyone. I am so eternally grateful for making me well, loved and extremely taken care of. May all of you have a wonderful life and always be blessed. God bless and God speed!! Much Love, Isha

Alois  ( Austria )

2016 Aug 08

To Dr. Rishi, Badri and Avadha, Thank you for your nice and warm welcome!

Asako  ( Japan )

2016 Aug 03

Dear AHH Family, I really enjoyed staying here and your Ayurveda Therapy. I came here alone so I was a little nervous and lonely but your smile and kindness made me happy :) I will tell my family and friends how wonderful here is! I hope you will make a lot of people happy in the future too!! I want to say "thank you" to ladies who cook and clean my room for me! I love words of Dr. Rishi and Dr. Saru. Thank you very much. Asako from Japan

Norbert  ( Germany )

2016 Aug 19

Dear Dr. Rishi, dear Dr. Saru, Dear AHH family, Many thanks for the last two weeks- I spent some fabulous, calm and intense days. You really know what you are doing. I shall spread the word in Belgium! With warmest greetings! Norbert

Sabine and Paula  ( Germany )

2016 Aug 19

Dear Dr. Rishi, Saru and all the other lovely people in the Ayurveda Home. Thank you so much for the time we got to spend here. It was truly a great new experience and I hope we'll see you all again sometime in the future. Yours, Sabine and Paula

Kano  ( Japan )

2016 Aug 25

Dear AHH family, Thank you very much for what you've done for me here. You made me feel at home. I enjoyed staying at "Happy Home"! Dr. Rishi's consultation and every single words and hugs from him, the meditation and yoga with Dr. Saru, therapies and food, I don't take anything for granted as I think I can shift to next with all of these things. I already miss you all but hope to see you again someday. Kano

Corine  ( Netherlands )

2016 Sep 12

Dear Ayurveda Health Home Team, With the deepest gratitude I want to thank you all for taking care of me. I felt so welcome here and my stay was a wonderful experience. Receiving so much love, warmth and happiness is a gift and I feel so much better than before. I'm really impressed by so much love, wonderful treatments and delicious food. I wish you all the best! Thank you very, very much! Namaste. With love, Corine.

Achim  ( Switzerland )

2016 Sep 09

Dear AHH Family, I would like to thank you so much for the wonderful time I had with you. The last three weeks here at AHH were just amazing. The treatments + therapies I received were really incredible. Your professionalism, hospitality and last but not least your great passion are unique! When I go back to Switzerland now, my body and brain are relaxed + recovered. I am looking forward to see you all again soon when I come back for another stay. All the best Achim

Tomoko and Osamu  ( Japan )

2017 Dec 28

We could not only improve our health conditions but also learn very important things such as how to care ourselves and what we have to do next. We really think that coming to AHH is the best choice! Thank you so much. We would like to come back again!

Gerry  ( Netherlands )

2017 Dec 16

Words cannot describe the experience I have had in the AHH. I felt surrounded by love and care! Thank you all it was great. Love and Blessings! Gerry