Individual Treatment


Therapies with warm herbal oil.

This therapy is given on the joints, abdomen and parts of the body where lymph nodes have enlarged. It is effective in reducing swelling and is applied without doing massage. The therapy involves shaping flour dough into a ring and placing it around the affected part. It is secured into a dam like structure and warm medicated oil is gradually poured inside. This process provides nutrition to the affected parts, helping to reduce pain and swelling and to improve the function and capacity of the particular part. It also helps to minimize the degenerative changes of the bone and joints. On a subtle level, it also works in conjunction with localized energy points. This Basti is followed by a part massage.

• Oil warms and nourishes the muscles and relaxes joints.
• Helps to improve functions of the joints, tendons and ligaments.
• Useful to treat back pain, spondyosis, muscle weakness, and joint degeneration

Duration: 15 Minutes

This process provides subtle nutrition to the Cakra, helps to improve the function of the Cakra and alleviates the diseased or stressed organ associated with the Cakra. It is followed by a gentle massage of the energy points. The Cakras are the energy fields in the subtle body and govern the subtle elements, sense organs, and organs of action. They possess corresponding energy fields in the physical body and the nerve plexus to govern gross elements and to maintain life. In their heightened or spiritual function, they awaken the subtle sensory and motor organs to which they relate, giving us the experience of the subtle world and higher states of consciousness. Physical diseases relate to imbalances in the outer Cakras which function through the various nerve plexus and endocrine organs. Psychological diseases involve imbalances in inner Cakra functioning. There are five places for the application of Cakra Basti.

Muladhar Cakra (Root or Coccygeal Centre):
Svadhisthana (Pubic Centre):
Manipur Cakra (Naval or Solar plexus Centre):
Anahata Cakra (Heart Centre):
Vishuddha Cakra (Throat Centre):

Cakra Basti is given only after consultation with the Ayurvedic doctor or chief therapist. It involves the shaping of flour dough into a ring and placing it around the desired Cakra area. It is secured into a dam-like structure and warm medicated oil is gradually poured inside.
• Useful to improve and balance the function of Cakras and for subtle spiritual growth.
• Helps to improve the function of neurons and the endocrine system.
• Helps to pacify the disorders of those organs which correspond to the Cakras.

Duration: 20-25 Minutes

This is an effective oleation practice. The process involves submerging cotton cloths in warm oil to heat them. Compressing the cloths and then applying them to the specific body parts helps to treat those areas. It provides nourishment to muscles and tissues, releases stress, increases flexibility and restores muscle and joint movement by penetrating into the deep tissue level. Picu is followed after Part Abhyanga.
• Joint pain, swelling.
• Joint and muscle stiffness or deformity.
• Muscle and tendon cramps, twists, and tears.
• Spondylosis and backache.
• Improves lymphatic and general circulation.
• Rehabilitative therapy mainly for the joints, legs, hands, back and chest.

Duration: 15-30 Minutes
Depending on the health status, the duration of picu may be up to 30 mins.*

This basti improves the flow of prana (energy) for the better functioning of the brain/ senses. The therapy is given after Head Abhyanga. It is a medicated oil treatment for the head. The crown of the head is encased within a special type of material which is secured around the forehead and entire scalp. By doing this a small basin is created on top of the head. Warm, medicated oil is then poured gently inside and is left for some time to penetrate the scalp.

• For Vata disorders.
• To improve eye conditions and diseases.
• Facial paralysis.
• Diseases of the head.
• Brain haemorrhage and clots.
• Tremors.
• Insomnia.
• Migraine.
• For the improvement of brain function and in degenerative conditions of the brain.

Duration: 20-30 Minutes

Siro Dhara helps to achieve a total sense of balance by using the flow of natural oil on to the forehead. This is a distinctive Ayurvedic treatment that calms the mind and relaxes the central nervous system. In Siro Dhara, a continuous flow of Ayurvedic herbal oils or therapeutic liquids are dripped on the forehead. A metal or clay vessel, the patra, is suspended directly above the forehead. The oil or therapeutic fluid is poured into the pot and seeps through a hole onto the centre of your forehead, also known as the 'third eye'. This classical treatment is meant to be maintained at a certain rhythmic speed while awakening the third eye. This treatment can initiate miraculous healing. This therapy is given after Head Abhyanga or whole body Abhyanga.

• Helps to evoke deep cognitive memories and restore good health.
• It enhances memory, clarity, comprehension, concentration and creativity.
• Very good for relaxation.
• Assists meditation and gaining benefits from meditation.
• For headaches, migraines and sleep disorders.
• For stress, and anxiety.
• Rejuvenates the senses and mind, and improves brain functioning.

Duration: 30 Minutes

This bath gives the feeling of completeness and totality. The culture of oil baths is very ancient in Ayurveda and is highly regarded in the classics. We can still find this practice in traditional families and especially in South India. In this process a silent and calm environment is created with a relaxation massage being given first. A group of therapists then enters the room, maintaining silence, and bringing collective peace and a meditative energy with them. The environment thus harmonizes with the therapy procedure. Two therapists, working with the same rhythm and healing energy, pour a stream of warm Ayurveda oil from the feet to the neck and vice versa along with massage. The soft, smooth, slippery and gentle touch with oil and therapists' love continues for one hour. It gives a feeling like being in a mother’s womb - smooth, soft and free deep inside. The prime energy of healing (remove) is gently nurtured and stimulated throughout the treatment, resulting in a feeling of wholeness, self and transcendent love, and happiness.

• People who desire the growth of inner healing potential source
• To cleanse & rejuvenate their system.

Duration: 60 Minutes
Note* This therapy is offered only after Whole Body Relaxation.