Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Below, we answer some the most frequently asked Questions on our Center!

We have a nice kitchen in our happy home with a good team of a cook and helpers (home ladies). You will be offered Ayurveda food during the stay and special Ayurveda diet during Pancakarma days. All dishes are prepared with fine blends of spices as advised by our Ayurveda doctor.

We offer breakfast, lunch and dinner. Light vegetarian diets are prescribed during the panchakarma treatment. During our daily monitoring we also ask you about the taste of food and your digestion. On our dining table you will get the complete information about all the six tastes present in food we serve. We hope all this information will help you to enhance your intelligence about the food you eat.

Food schedule varies according to type of your treatment and its phases. Information about the food and treatment times will be placed on your dining table in and corridor of guest house. In addition, for further information about the food you can also use the books in our library.

We would like to ask you for a favour, whenever the food doesn’t seem compatible to you in terms of liking or health, please inform our Office staff without any hesitation, but not the kitchen staff. Response for the diet is by our doctors.

After a session with Doctor, you will get all the details of the therapy plan and individual time schedule. General information about our main Pancakarma therapy will be handed over to you by our doctors a day before the therapy.

Moreover, to give you clear idea about therapies we have our service information book in library in English and in German. Many of our guest nowadays use iPhone/iPad/laptops. So if you do not want to get the printed copies then we can  send you by email in PDF form. For this you can contact our reception.

Our staff generally in the kitchen, cleaning place and therapy room do not understand much English. Some of the therapist understand a little if you speak slowly. In Nepal its polite to say YES but it does not mean that they understand all.

Please give queries about management to the management team and medical questions to the doctors or AHA (Ayurveda Health Assistant) if there is any confusion. If you feel any discomfort during therapy or if you feel that the therapists are not able to understand you then please request them to call doctors/ Badri/ Darshana.

We request you not to speak during treatment so that you can have the subtle experience of our treatment both at the physical and the mental level.

Regarding the purity of herbs and oils, you do not need to worry because we only use totally safe and natural herbs and medicine. Normally the decoction we prepare ourselves are prepared considering all those factors. So be confident about that. We process our oils ourselves and are prepared under the direct supervision of our doctors.

Although our guesthouse is safe, we request to lock your valuables in your wardrobe and close the doors and windows before leaving your room. You can also choose to keep your valuables in our safe.

Let us make our happy home smoke and alcohol free. We request you not to drink or smoke anywhere within our compound. Smoking and alcohol are not compatible with our treatments, you can consult with our doctors to find a better solution. We kindly ask for your understanding. ♥

You will find a laundry bag hanging on your door where you can put your clothes that need to be washed. Please keep it in front of your door or to ask our home ladies to take the clothes for washing. If the weather is sunny then we can return your clothes in 24 hours otherwise in 2-3 days. Please do not keep your washing clothes in front of balcony.

Price list is placed inside your cupboard. If there is any question you can contact our reception. Our home ladies do not understand English so ask for help from the management team if needed.

Let us make our happy home smoke and alcohol free. We request you not to drink or smoke anywhere within our compound. Smoking and alcohol are not compatible with our treatments, you can consult with our doctors to find a better solution. We kindly ask for your understanding. ♥

We have separate internet connection for the guest house. In case it is not working then you can inform the reception. Pancakarma treatment process itself is a holy process and it has holy effect in our four dimensional health, which is the basic objective of classical Pancakarma treatments. Pancakarma treatment is helpful for experiencing the deep inner silence and awakening of the wisdom of healing which is the essence of achieving total harmony. If you stay around one month with us for betterment of your health then we deeply concern to make your stay meaningful while receiving classical Ayurveda therapies. So we would like to suggest and it is recommendable too to avoid, as much as possible, any stressful computer work or use of electronic tools during the course of treatment inside our place.  In order to wake up body intelligence and to spark on the self healing process it would be nice to give time only for oneself immersing deeply into the soulful inner journey.

Moreover, we would like to see you happy and benefited with our classical Ayurveda services.

You can make calls within Kathmandu from our office.

If your family or friends like to contact you then you can provide our no. 0097714358761(AHH- Kathmandu); 0097761465874 (AHH- Pokhara) & we can transfer the call at living room. Please contact at office for WiFi password.

World heritage sites: Boudhanath Stupa, Pashupatinath Temple, Swayambhunath Temple, Basantapur Durbar Square, Patan Durbar Square, Bhaktapur Durbar Square, Changunarayan Temple. And other pilgrimage, sightseeing & museum sites: Budhanilkantha Temple (Sleeping god Bishnu), Shivapuri national park (for jungle walk), Naryanhiti Museum, Chhauni Meuseum, Basantapur Museum, Patan Durbar Museum, you can also visit some Monasteries such as: Kopan Monastery, White Monastery and so on. You can also experience magnificent view of ridge of Himalaya by Mountain Flight and you can ask us for booking of mountain flight ticket.

We also offer to make contact with the taxi/ agents. If you need flight/bus from Kathmandu to Pokhara to Kathmandu we can also arrange this.

Fewa Lake, Peace Stupa, Devis Falls, Mahendra Cave, Begnas Tal (lake), Seti River Gorge, Sarangkot, Fishtail Hotel, Boating, Paragliding, International Mountain

Museum, Natural History Museum and many more.

We also offer to make contact with the taxi/ agents. If you need flight/bus from

Pokhara to Kathmandu we can also arrange this.

We request you to make the full payment in advance in the first days after you get your estimate.

If you have some problem or issue with this policy please talk with our office staff, we like to make your stay as comfortable as possible.

For us it is comfortable if you pay us in Nepali Rupees. We have an option that you can pay with your Visa or Master card. But we like to inform you that if you pay in foreign currency we will give you the exchange rate after reducing some service charge.

If you like to get money from an ATM. NABIL Bank ATM can give up to Nepali Rupees 40,000 in one attempt and you can repeat if you need a larger amount too.