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Dinacharya (A Day) at Ayurveda Health Home

Achieve balance by experiencing and understanding daily routine at Ayurveda Health Home.

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Quality with Integrity


Purification of the body, mind, senses, and soul is what we focus on in panchakarma packages over here in Ayurveda Health Home. Our packages are specially designed based on an individual’s health requirements and the availability of the days… 


Quality with Integrity


    Recreation packages give you a glimpse of the healing powers of Ayurveda therapies.


    Our packages are especially designed based on an individual’s health requirements and the availability of the days.

    First Step toward Serenity

    • Consultation and Counseling

      We provide various types of Ayurveda consultation based on your health issues and requirements...

    • Abhyanga

      Abhyanga is an ancient cultural healing practice in Ayurveda. It is a Snehana Karma (oleation process), which literally means to impart love by touch using Ayurveda oils...

    • Svedana

      Svedana is a process to induce sweating, which occurs through the hair follicles in the skin and through the fat tissues of the body by using different types of herbs...

    • Snehana

      Snehana is deeply relaxing and enjoyable, as stress and toxins are released at all levels – physical, emotional and mental. Snehana literally means to “nurture, to love, to heal...

    • Yoga And Meditation

      Yoga is a process to enrich life and enhance deeper growth by increasing awareness. It cultivates a slow, gentle, positive attitude, together with self-respect, and develops a strong body-mind system...

    About Us

    A Pioneer Panchakarma center in Nepal

    About Ayurveda Health Home

    Ayurveda Health Home, is the pioneer Pancakarma centre in Nepal. We are a Nepal-German joint venture providing quality service to people from more than 120 nations. Our panchakarma healing centre has been providing quality international management, maintaining the highest professional standards for more than two decades.


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