First Panchakarma Center of Nepal
Experience Authentic Ayurveda with Luxurious Stay
Highly Qualified Doctors and Experienced Therapists
Personalized Ayurveda Treatment Programs & Food
Heal Your Mind, Body and Soul
Reliable Service With Quality Results
Hygiene and Quality Management of German Standard

Dinacharya (A Day) at Ayurveda Health Home

Dinacharya is a way to stay healthy by doing good things every day. At Ayurveda Health Home, you can learn about Dinacharya from our experts. They will help you to do things like yoga, eat well, and take care of yourself. This will help you feel better and live a healthier life.

Detoxification Programme

Experience the Holistic Healing of Panchakarma at Ayurveda Health Home


Ayurveda Health Home is the first Panchakarma center in Nepal. We help you purify your body, mind, and soul with our special packages designed for your needs and schedule. Our expertly curated treatments will refresh your mind and body in a peaceful environment. Check out our different packages to choose the best one for you!

Siro Dhara


Find the Perfect Ayurvedic Package for You


    Recreation packages give you a glimpse of the healing powers of Ayurveda therapies.


    Discover our specially designed packages to address your unique health needs at Ayurveda Health Home. Our packages include Anti-Aging, Weight Management, Stress Management, Immuno Boosting, Detox, Chakra Regulation, Post-Covid Care & many more...

    First Step toward Serenity

    Experience Serenity with Ayurvedic Healing Practices - Abhyanga, Svedana, Snehana, Yoga, Meditation and More!

    • Yoga And Meditation

      Yoga is a process to enrich life and enhance deeper growth by increasing awareness. It cultivates a slow, gentle, positive attitude, together with self-respect, and develops a strong body-mind system...

    • Abhyanga

      Abhyanga is an ancient cultural healing practice in Ayurveda. It is a Snehana Karma (oleation process), which literally means to impart love by touch using Ayurveda oils...

    • Therapeutic Abhyanga

      Abhyanga is an ancient cultural healing practice in Ayurveda. It is a Snehana Karma (oleation process), which literally means to impart love by touch using Ayurveda oils...

    • Svedana

      Svedana is a process to induce sweating, which occurs through the hair follicles in the skin and through the fat tissues of the body by using different types of herbs...

    • Snehana

      Snehana is deeply relaxing and enjoyable, as stress and toxins are released at all levels – physical, emotional and mental. Snehana literally means to “nurture, to love, to heal...

    • Consultation and Counseling

      We provide various types of Ayurveda consultation based on your health issues and requirements...

    • Treatment Spectrum

      The treatment spectrum includes promotion of health by enhancing the body's subtle essence and awakening inner healing ability, as well as promoting spiritual growth and memory enhancement while harmonizing body, mind, and senses.

    • Training and Tutorial

      The treatment spectrum includes promotion of health by enhancing the body's subtle essence and awakening inner healing ability, as well as promoting spiritual growth and memory enhancement while harmonizing body, mind, and senses.

    Get a Personalized Quote for Your Ayurveda Needs!

    Let us help you find the best Ayurveda package based on your individual needs and requirements.

    Recognized Excellence

    Best Ayurveda Healthcare Wellness Center

    best aryurveda healthcare wellness center

    We are proud to announce that Ayurveda Health Home has been awarded as the Best Ayurveda Healthcare Wellness Center at the prestigious National Ayurveda Achievement Award 2022 in Nepal. This recognition is a testament to our commitment to providing exceptional Ayurvedic services and promoting holistic wellness.

    About Us

    Discover the Healing Power of Ayurveda and Panchakarma for Spiritual and Physical Wellness

    About Ayurveda Health Home
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    About Ayurveda Health Home

    Ayurveda Health Home, an Ayurveda & Panchakarma Center, is a special place that has been providing top-notch care for over 20 years. People from more than 120 countries trust us to take care of them during their Panchakarma journey. We work hard to make sure that you have the best experience possible.


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    Reviews & Testimonials

    Read What Our Clients Say About Their Ayurveda Healing Journey

    Patrick C
    Patrick C
    The wonderful qualities of AHH It is situated at the bottom of a slope with the forests all around. It is a very peaceful environment and conducive to healing and renewal. The staff exude also a tranquility and smiles which add extra warmth to the place. On entry to the place, the head of the centre, Mr Badri, greets you with such warmth and knowledge that one already feels at home. The doctors are fluent in English so that one is well guided throughout the stay. All of them, because of their fluency of the English language, checked on us throughout our stay so that we always felt guided and clear about the program each day. This is a gem in Nepal.
    Evelyn R
    Evelyn R
    Singing bowls - a unique experience carried out by a true master Beautiful therapy, very deep relaxation of mind and body. I felt much more open, clearer and also more positive afterwards.
    Evelyn R
    Evelyn R
    Best place for an Ayurveda treatment - I'm already looking forward to the next time In March/April I went to the Ayurveda Health Home for a 3-week Panchakarma treatment - it was like coming home - for me by far the best place for Ayurveda treatments. It was the fourth time in recent years, this time in the new center in (previously in Pokhara and Dhapasi). I came to the AHH for the first time 11 years ago for a rare autoimmune disease - the improvements after the 4-week treatment - even weeks after my stay - were much greater than I had hoped. Inflammatory processes came to a standstill and I felt much better. I am already looking forward to my next stay. The treatments are very deep and effective, after the treatment you feel physically, psychologically and mentally renewed, strengthened and more permeable. The rooms are very spacious and beautiful, you have a wonderful view of the surrounding nature and you are far away from the noisy Kathmandu. The center is beautifully located and the ambience, like the entire team, contributes to regeneration. The profound knowledge paired with loving approach creates the space to really let go and place yourself trustingly in the hands of the doctors and therapists. Dr. Vyoma, Badri and Dr. Kabita look after the well-being of the guests in a very caring and competent manner. The treatments were adapted to my individual problems and, if necessary, changed and supplemented during the course of the treatment. The medical care could not have been better. The therapists are mostly very experienced, many of whom I already knew from previous stays. This time I enjoyed the treatments with the singing bowls (Chakra Basti) the most - Badri is a real magician at it and helped me a lot to find my center again. A big thank you from the bottom of my heart to the whole team - and hopefully see you next time!
    bloem i
    bloem i
    Life changing 28 days It’s a month ago that I left Ayurveda Health Center where I did 28 days Panchakarma. I am still so very grateful and would like to thank all the staff for my wonderful time with them. They really made me feel at home and I would like to thank them for all the care and support and the good food and the loving massages everybody here is dedicated to give you the best time of your life. For me it has been a life changing event. I don’t only feel very healthy, I also found peace at heart but also peace within my relationship with my husband again. I said goodbye to many things that don’t serve me anymore like coffee, eating meat, drinking alcohol, smoking sigaretten, eating sweets and many other things. Everyday I think of the amazing month and the unforgettable moments I shared with all of them.
    Karine m
    Karine m
    The best aryuveda place in Népal It s second time I come here One time alone ,one time with my group It s a big pleasure to come at each time All staffs ,doctors,cooks, people make treatment are very kind and professional s.i m feel same in family Thank you 🙏sure I will back soon❤️ Karine from Swiss
    Amazing massage and sound healing! I visited this place because it was recommended by a friend. Wow! I had the most amazing experience! The deep tissue body massage was superb. My therapist was so skilled. Also, I did the sound healing session as well. Incredible! I felt so rejuvenated after my sessions. I will definitely try to make time to return before I leave Nepal! The staff there are very friendly and welcoming. Also, the place is cozy, clean and well-equipped
    Siobhan W
    Siobhan W
    My home from home I loved the secluded spot this centre was in, surrounded by trees and such beautiful nature. The centre itself is of a very high standard, immaculately preserved while holding the culture of Nepal. The bedroom was spacious, very comfortable bed and beautiful light and views from the windows. I opted for the deep cleanse 21 day panchakarma and I will say I have never felt so cleansed in my life. The food was very tasteful with lots of vegetables and flavour. Some days I ate light on the deeper cleansing days as it was important to support my body in the process. Naturally this deep process also activated some emotional feelings that also needed to be processed. The centre is aware of this and very supportive. The treatments were the best I have experience and the therapists are clearly very skilled. I felt very cared for, loved, supported and clean from head to toe when I was leaving. I will definitely be back. Much love and gratitude to everyone at the Ayurveda Health Home 🙏
    kate g
    kate g
    Ayurvedic retreat This was my first experience with an Ayurvedic retreat. I found it truly relaxing. And the location is beautiful. Many of the people I met have been to other centers over the years in India and elsewhere. They all said that the treatments here are the best they have experienced. I have to agree that all the treatments I got were top notch. The food is simple but delicious. Everyone was very kind.
    Sylvia B
    Sylvia B
    a wonderful place for body and soul If you want time for yourself and at the same time enjoy a valuable Ayurvedic treatment, I can only recommend this center. In-depth Ayurvedic knowledge, motivated staff, completely in nature. Far away from the noise of the nearby city.
    Heather C
    Heather C
    Relax and rejuvenate Relaxing, rejuvenating and overall amazing experience! Food was excellent and I left feeling full of energy and peace

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