Individual Treatment


Svedana is designed to induce sweating, which occurs through the hair follicles in the skin and through the fat tissues of the body. Steam is an important aspect of the treatment regime. It dilates the cells and channels of the body allowing toxins to be mobilized and expelled. As a result, body fire increases and the stimulation of Agni (digestive fire) facilitate the collection and expulsion of Ama (toxins) from the system. Svedana helps to regulate the flow of water in the body. Use of different herbs also helps to detoxify and provides specific benefits. Different types of Svedana are used in our centre

This induces relaxation and increase energy levels. A variety of hot tub baths are designed in Ayurveda to relieve body aches, pain and joint problems, in addition to cleansing and regenerating body tissues. The body is thoroughly massaged with Ayurvedic oils before lying, fully submerged, in a tub filled with warm water and herbs.


  • Muscles pain, cramps, stiffness.
  • Joint swelling, deformity, and pain.
  • To induce sleep.
  • To cleanse the body and improve circulation.
  • To calm the mind and body.

Duration: 30 Minutes

In this process, hot sand is prepared in boluses (soft, round ball wrapped in cloth), which are used in stamping on the desired body part after oil massage. This is a dry type of sweating.


  • For swollen and inflamed joints.
  • Joint pain, arthritis and deformity.
  • Muscle aches, cramps and lethargy.

Duration: 15 Minutes

The Citz Bath cleans and rejuvenates the basic energy points by sitting in a warm herbal liquid. The bath is followed by massage over the lower parts of the body. This bath is both cleansing and therapeutic in nature. This Kati Snana is given with or without Part Abhyanga.

• Female uro-genital, uterine, cervical problems, cramps, pain, and ulcers.
• Perianal problems, i.e. piles, fissures, sinuses fistulas.
• To improve circulation and cleansing.
• To tone up the parts.

Duration: 15- 20 Minutes