Treatment Spectrum

Ayurveda is a holistic healing system of medicine that aims at promoting the health, preventing different disorders, and curing the diseases. Panca Karma is a unique healing procedure that cleanses and detoxifies body, senses, mind and consciousness. It helps to strengthen the immune system and to restore balance and wellbeing by harmonizing all subtle phenomenons. Panca Karma treatment at the Ayurveda Health Home is the foundation of Health and Well being. Our objective is to provide classical Panca Karma along with life style guidelines, dietetic regimens and Himalayan herbs.


We offer services for:-
Promotion of Health:
• Enhancing body’s subtle essence called Oja
• Awakening of self innate healing ability
• Helping spiritual growth

Prevention of disorder:
• Ama toxicity - the underlying cause of all disease
• Metabolic toxicity
• Memory blockages (past trauma)

Cure of diseases/ Treatment management for:

1. Stress caused imbalances
• Sleeplessness/loss of sleep
• Migraine and other different headaches
• Different types of Depression
• Post Traumatic stress disorders like Panic attacks and emotional traumas
• Burned out syndromes
• Chronic Fatigue syndromes

2. Muscles, Joints and Ligaments and vertebral disorders caused by traumas, degenerations, or autoimmune reactions
• Arthritis, Ankylosing disorders, Rheumatic joint problems, Specially Chronic pain, deformities, functional disorders
• Spinal or vertebral disorders, Lumbar or cervical spondylitis, Gouty arthritis, frozen shoulders, knees problems, tennis elbow and others
• Muscles stiffness and tearing, Dystrophy and atrophy of muscles

3. Respiratory system disorders
• Post High Altitude Respiratory Sickness, Recurrent cold, Sinusitis, throat problems etc
• Chronic cough, Chronic. Bronchitis, Bronchial Asthma

4. Gastrointestinal disorders
• Digestion and absorption difficulties, hyperacidity, and Chronic Gastritis
• Irritable Bowel syndromes, Colitis and ulcerative colitis etc

5. Liver disorders
• Chronic liver function disorders

6. Skin Diseases
• Acne, facial hyperpigmentation
• Atopic Dermatitis, Neurodermatitis
• Psoriasis

7. Metabolic disorders
• Lipid metabolic problems, e.g. High cholesterols, High triglycerides, Atherosclerosis
• Diabetes
• Overweight and underweight
• High Uric acid levels

8. Gynaecological disorders
• Dysmenorrhoea, Secondary Amenorrhoea, and Premenstural stress
• Peri-Menopausal and Post-menopausal syndrome

9. Neurological and Immunological problems
• Hemipaeresis
• Parkinsons syndrome
• Multiple Sclerosis
• Sclerodermas

10. Urogenital System
• Chronic Urinary Tract Infection
• Benign Prostatic enlargement, Chronic Prostate infection
• Dysperunia or dryness of genital tract

11. Psychosexual Disorder
• Low Libido
• Other Sexual issues

12. Anorectal Disorders
• Chronic Constipation, Piles and anal fissures
• Fistula in ano (by specific Kshara Sutra procedure)

13. Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder
• Children with autism
• Mentally challenged
• Cerebral Palsy

We do not entertain:
• Communicable diseases
• Infectious diseases
• Emergency/ambulatory cases
• Those who need continuous medical attention