Our Centers


Our new center is located in the terrains of exotic landscape located 10 km away from the heart of city-Thamel and our present Kathmandu center, just outside the valley. The center is built in accordance with vastu orientation. The area provides healthy healing in the silence of woods, cool breeze of wind, songs of birds and in nature.
The additional attractions going to be introduced in our new center under our ancient healing modalities are-

  • Kayakalpa
  • Jalauka karma (Leech Therapy)
  • Agni Karma
  • Marma Therapy
  • Mantra Therapy
  • Sand, mud, soil & grass walking therapies
  • Uttar Basti
  • Crystal, color and stone healing
  • Healing with potent medicines from forest
  • Ample space for yoga and meditation (Huts and caves for meditation)

We also have medicinal plant garden, organic vegetable farm and a vocational training center.


The Dhapasi center was established on 2001 with two different buildings for the treatment and the accommodation. As we have opened our new center in Nagarjuna just 12 kilometers away from Dhapasi, we have shifted our accommodation facility there in the arms of nature. Now this center is running as a city center. Center is open from 8am to 6pm.

You are most welcome to enjoy our services in our Dhapasi Center.


Ayurveda Health Home Pokhara Center was established in 2009.