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In Search of Wellbeing, travelling has always been a major part of human lives. We can see that, most of the people forming a nation have been settlers, and before being a settler, the person is always a traveler. Earlier, people used to travel in search of resources, then came a time when people started travelling in search of good places to settle down. When people started to feel that they were settled enough, they started to travel for exploration as this feeling of excitement while visiting new places and seeing, experiencing and knowing different  cultures was hardwired into them after generations and generations of travelling. This travelling and exploration gave the people a break from the monotonous regimen of their lives. This desire to see new places and meet new people slowly evolved into necessity and thus the ‘Tourists’ were born. Many among these started visiting the same old places as it connected to their soul, which brought them, a sense of peace, calmness and belonging.

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As time moved forward, so did the reasons for travelling, and soon enough we started hearing the term ‘medical tourism’. The meaning of the term is exactly what it indicates. It is, travelling to other places to receive medical treatments, whether it being due to the lack of medical resources or because one has to give tooth and nail for the medical facilities in one’s own country. Lately there has been one more reason for medical tourism, the re-emergence of an ancient system of medicinal science which has been continuously helping the ones who know about it since thousands of years, but was unknown to the western civilization and to some extent forgotten by the east as well known as Ayurveda.

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Now, for the uninitiated, comes in the question – what is Ayurveda?
The term Ayurveda is made up of two words ‘Ayu’ which stands for ‘Life’ and ‘Veda’ which means ‘Science’. When put together the term translates to ‘The Sciece of Life’. It can also be regarded as a wholesome approach towards life, which means, Ayurveda does not only teach you ab diseases and their treatments, it teaches you how to live life in order to lead it in a healthy manner.

A Holistic Approach to Health and Wellbeing

In recent times, travelling for the sake of Ayurveda treatments has become a widely popular phenomenon, as now, the people have started adopting a more natural means of achieving health with some desire for spiritual and psychological intervention as well. People have opened up to the unspoken moto of Ayurveda – ‘we do not treat the condition, we treat the person’. So, when Ayurveda provides treatment, the approach is always in a holistic view. People have also started on opening up to the idea of management of chroinc disorders throung Ayurveda. People from various places and aspects of life who have suffered from various conditions for a long duration of their life have started viewing Ayurveda as their saviour, which is being justified by this system of medicine. People’s interest in less synthsized chemical based medications and more of herbal and natural approach is also being justly addressed by Ayurveda. Finally the desire to achieve overall health by addressing both ‘psyche’ and ‘soma’ by the people has been taken care of b the most prolific treatment modality in Ayurvea known as ‘Panchakarma’, which includes five different procedures which detoxifies an rejuvinates a person, and the beauty of it is that, it can be used to achieve better health as well as be free from diseases.

Ayurveda has the ability to bring about a boom in the sector of tourism. Unlike the western medical procedures which is available in the west, to recieve the boons of Ayurveda, the people have to visit the land of thehimalays. People searching for relief from chronic aliments, for spiritual initervention and for improvng health make up a huge population. The onlytask is to propagate the name of Ayurveda, rest will follow accordingly.

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We, Ayurveda Health Home Pvt. Ltd., since its commencement in 2001 A.D. by the founders Late Dr. Rishi Ram Koirala, Ms. Marlies Froster and Mr. Badri koirala, as the pioneer Panchakarma center in Nepal have catered to the health of guests from 122 nations and worked rigorously to fulfill these targets with the aim of providing better health with a holistic approach and a motto that says ‘Together in Healing Journey’.

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