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Immunity is the only option we have as new COVID-19 variants emerge frequently. Firstly, there was the alpha, then came in the gamma, followed by delta and now the omicron along with many other variants that the W.H.O. has not named or deemed unnecessary. Who is to say that tomorrow there shall not be another one named after another symbol terrorizing the population again? Not only that, we can see another dangerous part during this entire process – The uncertainty of drugs used, the efficacy of the vaccines (although they did come in as a boon, however they now seem like a double-edged sword as they too are bringing about a lot of complications) and the chances of getting affected more than once, and each and every time a new mutated strain comes along waving us hi, these questions shall plague our mind again and again making us live in constant fear and many other problems that come along with it. The only option we have is to increase our immunity making us able to repel whatever come may.

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Another blow came along when we realized that these variants did not simply bring effects but aftereffects as well. These aftereffects are still haunting people even after their master has been long gone, these set of second fiddle in common term has been named ‘POST COVID SYNDROME’ or ‘LONG COVID’. This syndrome consisted of symptoms vague and different from almost each and every person, however there were some common ones too – like general fatigue, loss of smell, prolonged loss of taste and breathlessness upon the minutest level of exertion.

Boosting Immunity and Treating Post-COVID Symptoms with Ayurveda Modalities

Now the major question that arises are what are we going to do – firstly to increase our immunity to stay protected from the old as well as the new ones and secondly for those who were affected and still feel the aftereffects, what to do to get rid of it? The answer lies in the boon that is known as Ayurveda. Ayurveda is a healing science that has been treating people since thousands of years and still is a go to for many people around the world. The treatment modalities in Ayurveda can be categorized into two parts – first is the preventive and second is the curative. Through various methods like sodhana (detoxification) and shamana (usage of various herbs and medications) increase the immunity of a person and treat any underlying cause too.

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For specific post covid cases according to the symptoms there are other various modalities to be applied e.g., for the loss of smell – nasya (medicated nasal drops), dhoomapana (medicated smoke inhalation), for loss of taste – kavala, gandoosha (different forms of medicated gargling), for breathlessness nasya, steam inhalation using decoction of various herbs, application of herbs followed by applying herbal steam, etc. which have different variations of themselves according to the herbs that are to be used which is formulated according to the nature of the of the person and are better in efficacy if given in multiple sittings after a session of detoxification. Similarly other symptoms of post covid cases are also taken care of that affects the psyche of the person like anxiety and depression (which has emerged as one of the main aftereffects of covid) with therapies like sirodhara, sirobasti and other kinds of various therapies that relaxes the mind although this differs person to person as Ayurveda does not simply believe in treating the disease, it believes in treating the person.

The goal/objective of Ayurveda:
स्वस्थस्य स्वास्थ्य रक्षणं आतुरस्य विकार प्रशमनं च l (च.सू. ३०/२६)
Swasthyasya swastha rakshanam aaturasya vikara prashamanam ca. (Ca. Su. 30/26)
The purpose of Ayurveda is to preserve the health of the healthy and cure the disease of the unhealthy.
Dr. Vyoma Koirala
M.D. (Ayu.)
Ayurveda Consultant
Ayurveda Health Home Pvt. Ltd.

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