Experience authentic Panchakarma in Nepal at Ayurveda Health Home. Panchakarma is the heart of treatments and core essence of Ayurveda. We design Panchakarma as a holistic process to maintain and support inner harmony in order to help individuals to become more in-tune with the life processes.  It is mostly cleansing, detoxifying, and immune enhancing, rejuvenating and also curative measures against disease. The main objective is to restore harmony and balance to the mind, emotions, senses and physiology. These programs include subtle knowledge on the benefits of Pancakarma, natural products, and classical Panchakarma techniques.

Panchakarma Consists of 

  • Purva Karmas
  • Pradhana Karmas
  • Samsarjana Karmas

Purva Karmas

Purva Karmas (Pre Panchakarma preparation) enable herbal formulations to reach deep into the subtle cellular level to gently dissolve the accumulated toxins in the body and return them to the channels of circulation. These techniques include Snehana (oleation) and Svedana (sudation).

Pradhana Karmas

We design Pradhana Karmas (the 5 main procedures of Panchakarmas) to expel morbid toxins (amas) and provide nutrition at the cellular level. Vamana (emesis) or Virecana (purgation), Basti in two forms- Asthapana Basti (cleansing colon irrigation), Anuvasana Basti (nutritive colon irrigation), and Sirovirecana (cleansing & rejuvenation of senses and organs of the head) as Pradhana Karmas.

Samsarjana Karmas

We incorporate Samsarjana Karmas, which are ideal routines, diets, and herbal preparations, after each main procedure of Panchakarma. This facilitates the digestive fire.

During Panchakarma, it is important to follow the natural, biological rhythms and classical guidelines. The body, senses and mind undergo subtle to gross cellular transformation and this process demands patience and time. Only then, the subtle changes can lead to a significant progress benefiting the gross fields of life. Initially, the body and mind may feel a bit weak, but soon it begins to cleanse and restore itself. Feelings of lightness, clarity of thoughts, inner harmony, and restoration of natural hunger, sleep, and bowel habits naturally follow.

At Ayurveda Health Home, we have been providing Panchakarma services since 1995. We offer all five Panchakarma procedures, unlike most institutions that only offer one or two. Our specialized doctors, led by Dr. Rishi Ram Koirala, M.D(Ayu), directly supervise and perform the therapies. We tailor treatments to an individual’s Ayurvedic constitution, imbalances, toxins, age, immune status, and health conditions after consulting with our doctors. Depending on the individual’s health condition, one, two, or more of the five procedures may be prescribed. During your visit, you will experience classical Pancakarmas, Ayurveda diet and yoga, lifestyle counseling, and guidance as part of your treatment.

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